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Course FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I have not received the course. What to do?

Answer: You have received the course for sure but maybe in the Spam Folder of your email address that you have provided because our system automatically sends the course link to your email address right after we receive the payment.

Talking about the Spam folder thing, this usually happens because a lot of valuable people like you purchase our courses on a daily basis and our system sends a lot of emails per day which makes Gmail thinks that we are spamming but we are not. This is the greatness of people like you who make us send multiple emails daily.

Question 2: I have checked my SPAM Folder too but I have not received the link there as well. What to do?

Answer: If this is the case then it's possible that you have made a mistake while entering your email address while making the payment. Please mail us with your correct email address at with your name and we'll manually deliver the course to your email address.

Question 3: I am unable to view the course, it is asking me to log in, how to log in?

Answer: You need to Create your account with the email address that you provided while making the payment. We ask you to log in so that we you can never lose access to the course ever in life.

For any other assistance, please feel free to contact us at

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